Travel into darness

by No Relief

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Recorded in 2017. Montréal, Québec-Canada


released May 15, 2017

Jean-Francois Lafreniere: Guitars and album producer
Christian Landry: Vocals, Drums and Bass



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No Relief Montreal, Québec

No Relief are from Montréal, Canada. Former members are Jean-Francois Lafreniere on Guitars and Christian Landry on Vocals, Drums and Bass guitar. Alexandre Lebel join the band earlier on bass guitar. It sound like trash influences with death metal and melodics parts. ... more

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Track Name: Parade of the army of Doom
(verse 1)
highlighted by the band of the cracked evil regiment
military marching to the horizon for dominance
a unity of cruel men fighting together
Resisting this united tide of tyranny
Parade of the army of Doom
Conquering a forsaken tomb
(verse 2)
Ruled by discipline and hatred
warriors drilled for the quest, nothing sacred
(repeat pre-chorus)
(repeat chorus)
Move those catapults forward
We have armed soldiers for war
Still suffering the invasion and occupation
You will not prepare for this domination
the symphonic clash of iron
Orchestrated by the villains
Campaign to decimate population
Putsch as a way of revolution……… À l’attaque!
(verse 3)
The implementation of this strategy
Will calibrate this tragedy
(repeat pre-chorus)
(repeat chorus)
The fight is already underway
Civilization will decay
We find it sometime desirable to betray
A peace treaty may now be Castaway
Track Name: Travel into darkness
I'd rather rise in hell
let's begin my journey
Into the dark age I’m a restless man
Born in a cage with blood on my hands
And while I may never be a perfect man
I will always be cruel and sadistic
I’ll still be every bit the monster in command
Anyone who comes against me will feel my wrath
I follow the black star to its cursed destination
travel into darkness I will find my evil path
I’m a windstorm that left a trail of destruction
To quench one’s thirst of power
I'm feeding off the anger
I walk among the dead thriving on discord
A trip without dread in bloody whipcord
step by step I'll go straight up to purgatory
I'm looking forward and nothing will stop me
On the road of perdition following my destiny
(repeat chorus)
Navigational capacity
Bring me to profanity
I’m gonna lose morality
(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Queen of complaint
She’s arrived at the front of my door
She’s looking at me with the eyes of a whore
Instinctively the carnage will be gore
Killing all is the perfect score
(chorus 1)
Evil surgery
Witch of blasphemy
Murder theory
Queen of complaint
In a bloodbath she involve her passion
In the madness she is inception
His power rises from the destruction
Mesmerized by her dark seduction
(repeat chorus 1)
(verse 2)
Summoned demons awakening
Tribal forces in the night
Here’s the art of murder
Female of suffering
Demons amongst the fight
Priestess of the sinister
Succubus festering
She’s the Queen of the fright
A faithful servitor
Her passion is flaming
All the forces reunite
Vengeful inquisitor
She’s a peace disturbing
Carnage rising overnight
Dark side solicitor
The victims she is claiming
Angels and demons in fight
Human extinguisher
(chorus 2)
And everything she wants
Is to control the night
And feel the pain
And everything she wants
A werewolf at midnight
Queen of complaint
(verse 2)
In the void of your soul
Satanic ritual
Love and suffocation
Instinct under control
Goodness residual
Serial killer passion
Straight to hell is her goal
Blasphemy perpetual
Hatred domination
Stabbing all the assholes
Bad mind spiritual
Queen of damnation
Purgatory’s threshold
Darkness is usual
Breath on interruption
Cadaver sale out sold
Badass from renewal
Perfect destruction
(repeat chorus 2)
Most suffering
Down and crawling
Queen of complaint
The Weaks will be dying
And everything she wants
Is to control the night
And feel the pain
And everything she wants
Most suffering
Down and crawling
Queen of complaint
The Weaks will be dying
Track Name: Gruesome discovery
The seeds of darkness have
Already taken root
I’m quickly turning mad
And then I start to shoot
But to let this fear drive me
To destroy what hope we have
Don’t you see the madness
In this gruesome discovery x2
Assassination threats
Killing in cold blood
I’m a human wreck
You can call me scum
(repeat chorus)
The decadence here makes me nauseous
You shall receive your purification
This logic is atrocious
And I will give your absolution
If you’re asking for forgiveness
I have no feeling not even pity
But there still is this sense of emptiness
My opportunity to make history
(repeat chorus)
Track Name: The idea of destroying myself
Now I enter in disturbing frequencies
My mind throw in dark emergencies
The darkness overwelms me
I’ve been swamped in strong agony
(pre-chorus 1)
This temptation to bring me in hell
Is burning faster my mind as well
The way of life I choose is ending in doom
My existence is consumed in the fumes
(pre-chorus 2)
It’s twisting reality
Beyond bestiality
we don’t know what a conscious mind can perceive this close to death
The serum to tame the suffering is ready to flow through my veins
Sooner or later I’m going to stop being me in one last breath
You see in my eyes a flame consuming my soul and cursing my name
It won’t be long now my days are numbered
I gave up my life and I can’t go forward
There’s too much hate in my heart
It drags up too many bad marks
(pre-chorus 1)
(pre-chorus 2)
Now I have the idea of destroying myself
This is the end I mourn the death of destroying myself
Track Name: At the Morgue
I’ll strike a crippling blow
My mission will end in bloodshed
Effectively dealt a deathblow
I'm the master of drop dead
This could turn into a bloodbath
It could be lead by my passion
Doctor said I am a psychopath
I'm a freak without emotion
I have a date with you at the morgue
In massacre I received my award
One by one I kill you down
welcome to my slaughterhouse
I’m the king of the underground
You will never stop the bodycount
It’s just a typical homicide
in this carnage I am found
I commit fratricide
on a truly massive scale
I am going on a killing spree
in obsession I will never fail
Don’t fuck with me when I disagree
(repeat chorus)
I might demean the value of life by
And show no mercy to anyone
To rub it in with my knife
I am the chosen, i am the vile one
my hobby is to slowly skin humans at the morgue
Track Name: Unsympathetic with tendency to deprave
You will feel my rage
When my blade penetrates
I’m a real savage
All life will terminate
My perversion has awakened something in me
That you can’t begin to understand
Unable to resist the slide into depravity
I’m coming back even more God damned
To rob me of my salvation would be sentencing
My soul to eternal damnation

The evil spirits are released to form my army
I am the great commander of this legion

The truly horrible thing is to be immortal
A night that seems to drag into eternity
In fact, I’m the king of vulgarity
Now I’ve returned to claim my Kingdom
I want to push the bounds and crossover
I rules my life I’m the master of my destiny

And then you’ll see
Your life belongs to me
I am unsympathetic
You can’t escape
Cause it’s you I will sedate
With tendency to deprave
I'm clearly, badly null and void
I feel deadly
I am unsympathetic

Welcome to my realm of insanity
I confess I have sinned in my wisdom

(verse final)
Kill crazy rampage
I must eradicate
You will follow me in my fall
Welcome to my underworld
I’m gonna kill you all
It’s the end of the world
You will follow me in my fall
Welcome to my underworld
Collateral damage
It is unfortunate
You will follow me in my fall
Welcome to my underworld

I have the right to exterminate
I will enslave the survivors
I must wipe out to culminate
I’m gonna terrorize forever